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We are in need of volunteers to help us help others each and every day. If you can spare some time, want to offer assistance, provide a donation, or be informed about us please sign up below. Our volunteer needs are growing and we can only do the best we can with the resources, funding and volunteers available. So just let us know how much time you can spare and what you would like to do. Maybe you can go to meetings, write grants, make phone calls, unload or deliver supplies. If you're an expert on mold, housing, disaster rebuilding issues, insurance or an expert with computers, smart phones or in a field that supports our mission, we need you!  We will do our best to find something that will suit your skills and the time that you can commit. We need and appreciate all the help we can get. Please join our group of supporters to help us help others. Like us on Facebook and Follow us on Twitter to stay up-to-date on things we are doing. Our Facebook page is very active with updates and engagement. Please share and support our efforts. Thank you.


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A Special Request for Your Support.

We are happy to report donations like yours have helped us assist over 10,000 less fortunate residents last year. Our team of volunteers do the best they can with every dollar or in-kind donation of products we receive. Over the last year, we provided many forms of assistance to residents. WCNY catered cooked food for 800 people. We distributed non-perishable food for 500; clothing for 1,500; winter jackets for 800; prom dresses and accessories for 600, used bicycles for 400; and new toys for 4,500.

Find out more about our accomplishments and fundraiser here, and help to promote and support our cause. With your help we can help many more people with needed support and resources.

Thank You,

~We Care New York